Microchip Technology has released a dual-mode power supply monitoring IC, the MCP39F511A, which measures AC and DC modes with an error accuracy of 0.1% over a 4000:1 range.

Microchip Technology releases new dual mode power supply monitoring IC-SemiMedia

The MCP39F511A Power Monitoring IC is a device that meets the growing power measurement needs of high performance designs. Includes two 24-bit delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with 94.5 dB of signal-to-noise ratio plus distortion (SINAD) performance and a 16-bit calculation engine. The MCP39F511A is suitable for a wide range of consumer, Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial applications, automatically detecting power types and switching between AC and DC modes to optimize measurement results. The device also helps developers solve the problem of on-chip EEPROM recording critical events and integrated low-drift voltage references and internal oscillators.

The device provides standard power calculations such as active, reactive and apparent power, active and reactive energy, root mean square (RMS) current and voltage, line frequency and power factor, enabling designers to add power monitoring to end applications . The MCP39F511A has the following features, such as automatically saving and automatically loading the EEPROM in the event of a power outage or startup, ensuring that measurements are not lost in the event of an unexpected power interruption.

For more information on the MCP39F511A, please refer to the Microchip web site: www.microchip.com