Recently, Mr. Simon Glassman, head of strategic partnership of u-blox Wireless Products Division, said in an interview with the media that there are great opportunities in the Chinese market. The Chinese market has the characteristics of large scale and perfect network construction of operators. u-blox can use Chinese customers develop Chinese and overseas markets.

Data show that in 2017, Asia-Pacific revenue accounted for about 40% of u-blox's total revenue, of which China played a big role. Simon Glassman said: "We believe that car networking, smart city-type narrowband IoT applications and asset tracking will be the main growth areas of u-blox wireless products in the Chinese market." In addition, Mr. Simon Glassman said in the future, u-blox The NB-IoT modules will use their own chips. So far, the u-blox R&D teams are in Italy, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, the United States, Ireland, Belgium and other places. Although the chip development will take some time, but Mr. Simon Glassman believe that with the introduction of self-developed chips, u-box's NB-IoT product line will be more powerful.