ON Semiconductor plans to invest US$51 million in Crestwood Industrial Park to expand its high-tech facilities to promote energy-saving innovation. In addition, the plan will create more than 70 new positions, including production personnel, technical personnel, engineers and other support staff.

It is understood that ON Semiconductor took over the Crestwood Industrial Park after acquiring Fairchild Semiconductor in 2016. Currently, the industrial park covers an area of ​​437,000 square feet, manufacturing semiconductor devices for power management applications across a variety of industries including automotive, industrial, communications, and computing.

Heather Carreiro, general manager of ON Semiconductor Crestwood Industrial Park, said: “We have an excellent workforce that combines our technological capabilities and vast space capacity to meet the explosive growth of ON Semiconductor's key markets. The initial phase of the expansion is currently underway and I am very proud of our achievements.”