February 21, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- Tongfu Microelectronics, a semiconductor packaging and testing company in mainland China, recently revealed in an interview that it has formed a close strategic partnership with AMD and signed a long-term business agreement to provide AMD with packaging and testing services for AI, PC chips and AI accelerators. The company is now AMD's largest packaging and testing supplier, and AMD is also a major customer of Tongfu Microelectronics.

In 2016, Tongfu Microelectronics acquired an 85% stake in each of AMD's packaging and testing factories in Suzhou, China and Penang, Malaysia. Since then, the two factories have become important bases for Tongfu Microelectronics to provide advanced packaging and testing services to AMD. Tongfu Microelectronics has thus entered the advanced semiconductor supply chain and received orders for packaging and testing of CPUs, GPUs, APUs, etc.

In addition to strengthening its cooperative relationship with AMD, Tongfu Microelectronics is also actively adjusting its product portfolio to enhance its layout in high-performance computing, new energy, automotive electronics and other fields to reduce the impact of the downturn in the consumer electronics market.