February 21, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- Infineon Technologies AG recently launched its latest Bluetooth® module, the CYW20822-P4TAI040, which pushes the boundaries of low power consumption and range for wireless connectivity in IoT and consumer electronics.

Infineon Technologies AG recently announced the CYW20822-P4TAI040, its latest Bluetooth® module that pushes the low-power and range boundaries for wireless connectivity in IoT and consumer electronics. This module is the most cost effective in its class, offers seamless integration, enhanced performance with Bluetooth low-energy long-range (LE-LR) support, and exceptional reliability for a wide range of applications. With the right combination of low power and high performance, Infineon’s CYW20822-P4TAI040 is designed to support the entire spectrum of Bluetooth LE-LR use cases including industrial IoT applications, smart home, asset tracking, beacons and sensors, and medical devices.

According to a recent report by ABI Research, future use cases will demand additional improvements across almost all metrics. These include industrial IoT applications such as sensing, robotics, beacons, smart home, and asset tracking. In response, Infineon's CYW20822-P4TAI040 Bluetooth module delivers unparalleled connectivity and performance, enabling customers to create innovative products in the IoT and consumer electronics space.

With extensive experience in delivering certified Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE modules, Infineon’s regulatory testing (FCC, ISED, MIC, CE) and certification process with the Bluetooth SIG is precise and rigorous. Its pre-certified modules are optimized for cost, size, power, and range.

“Infineon is thrilled to expand its Bluetooth portfolio with the introduction of the CYW20822-P4TAI040 Bluetooth module to help designers get to market faster,” said Anurag Chauhan, Director of Marketing for the Bluetooth product line at Infineon Technologies. “As a leader in the IoT area in delivering innovative new Bluetooth LE solutions, this new module is a testament to our customer commitment. This new module delivers low power, long range, and excellent RF performance to meet our customers evolving needs.”

Infineon’s CYW20822-P4TAI040 Bluetooth LE module is currently sampling. For more information, please visit https://www.infineon.com/CYW20822-P4TAI040.