After the HT68F001 MCU, HOLTEK recently introduced another small package Flash MCUs, the HT68F0012, which increases the system frequency from 32 kHz to 512 kHz, providing applications that require faster operating frequencies, such as simple data communications, making it ideal for accurate applications, timed or simply controlled product applications.

HOLTEK launched a small package Flash MCUs-SemiMedia

The common features of the HT68F001/HT68F0012 are: low cost, low operating voltage, low power consumption, and high accuracy Timer. Among them, the working voltage can be as low as 1.8V and the accuracy of Timer is ±1%, which is suitable for product applications requiring accurate timing or simple control, such as battery product timers, small household appliance timers, and industrial control products. Among them, the chronograph battery type products include: water filter elements, electric toothbrushes, LED lights, flashlights, clock alarm clock, fish tank automatic feeders, aromatic machines and toys, and other consumer products; small household appliances timer products include: toast Furnace, charger, electric fan and electric baking pan and other small household electrical appliances; industrial control products include: delay switch, anti-theft detection, original parts certification or other On/Off control and other products.

The operating voltage of the HT68F0012 is 1.8V~5.5V, and the system resources are 0.5Kx12 Flash Memory, 16x8 RAM, 8-bit Timer and Time Base. The built-in 512kHz Oscillator IRC provides the MCU as the system's main frequency, enabling the entire product to operate in a more accurate, lower voltage, and lower current environment.