January 19, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- According to the supply chain, AMD recently issued a product discontinuation notice, stating that it will no longer provide all CoolRunner and CoolRunner II CPLD chips, as well as Spartan II and Spartan 3 FPGA chips.

AMD stated in the notice that the company will be discontinuing XC9500XL、CoolRunner XPLA 3、CoolRunner II、Spartan II, and Spartan 3、3A、3AN、3E、3ADSP Commercial/ Industrial “XC” and Automotive “XA” Product Families due to declining run-rate and supplier sustainability reasons.

AMD also informed that it will not provide any direct replacement products after discontinuing existing CPLD or FPGA chips.

Industry insiders said that if AMD no longer provides replacements in the future, it means that AMD will give up its old FPGA chips and completely end CPLD products.

"AMD is cutting off old products that may not generate much revenue." The industry insider added.