January 18, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- According to supply chain, Murata recently issued a notice to its customers that the company's Anamizu factory in Japan will not be able to resume production before mid-May due to the earthquake.

Murata stated in the notice that Anamizu Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. suffered serious losses in the earthquake. The Anamizu factory is facing some injured employees, damaged buildings and machine, and a utility outage (e.g. power (electricity), water). This results in stoppage or delay of productions in and delivery from the Anamizu factory.

Murata said this constituted a force majeure event. The Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to continue to mitigate the effects of the force majeure event, but does not anticipate that the Anamizu factory will be able to resume production before mid-May 2024.

Therefore, Murata recommends that customers replace products produced at its Anamizu factory with third-party products.

According to the supply chain, the Anamiz factory mainly produces chip inductors and common mode choke coils, and the supply of Murata's DLW-P and LQH series will be affected.