December 6, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang recently stated that the company will cooperate with Japanese companies to establish a semiconductor factory network in Japan to meet the demand for artificial intelligence GPUs.

According to earlier reports, the Japanese government is trying to attract investment to produce cutting-edge semiconductors that are critical to future technologies. In early November this year, Japan allocated nearly 2 trillion yen ($13.3 billion) in the additional budget to improve its domestic semiconductor manufacturing capabilities and ensure semiconductor security. People familiar with the matter said that about 760 billion yen will be used as a fund to support the mass production of chips.

"Japan has all the technical expertise and industrial capabilities to create the country's own artificial intelligence in Japan. NVIDIA will help Japan cultivate more artificial intelligence start-ups." Jensen Huang said.

Jensen Huang said that under extremely high market demand, the company will do its best to prioritize the supply of artificial intelligence processors to Japan.