December 6, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to industry insiders, TSMC’s capital expenditures may drop to US$28 billion to US$30 billion next year, an annual decrease of 6.3% to 12.5%, the lowest in the past four years.

TSMC had previously expected capital expenditures for this year to be US$32 billion. TSMC Chief Financial Officer Wendell Huang reiterated that TSMC’s annual capital expenditure planning takes customer needs and growth in the next few years into consideration. He pointed out that in order to cope with short-term uncertainties, TSMC has moderately tightened its capital expenditure plan.

Wendell Huang pointed out that about 70% of capital expenditures this year will be used in advanced process technology, 20% in mature and special process technologies, and 10% in advanced packaging testing and photomask (mask) production.

In this regard, TSMC stated that information related to capital expenditures for next year will be announced in January 2024.