November 23, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- Resonance, a Japanese semiconductor materials manufacturer, announced that it will establish an advanced semiconductor packaging and materials R&D center in Silicon Valley, USA.

Resonance, formerly known as Showa Denko, is a leading manufacturer of film and other packaging materials. Its new U.S. R&D center plans to start operations in 2025.

The packaging stage of semiconductors is increasingly seen as key to advancing chip technology. The United States launched a US$3 billion plan this week to improve its packaging capabilities. The first round of subsidy funding plans for the packaging industry will be announced early next year.

According to earlier reports, Japanese chip companies are seeking to deepen ties with the United States. During a recent visit to the United States, Atsuyoshi Koike, president of Japanese chip manufacturer Rapidus, said that the company plans to open an office on the West Coast of the United States before the end of this year.