October 25, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- onsemi recently announced that its Hyperlux™ Image Sensor Family has been integrated onto Renesas’ R-Car V4x Platform to enhance the vision system - and ultimately achieve improved safety - of semi-automated vehicles. The two companies, known for their strategic focus on safety systems and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), empower automotive OEMs and Tier1s with best-in-class sensor performance in tandem with an advanced system-on-a-chip (SoC).

With a 2.1 µm pixel size, industry-leading 150dB ultra high dynamic range (HDR) and LED flicker mitigation (LFM) across the full automotive temperature range, Hyperlux image sensors possess the critical factors needed in automotive applications. The combination of the sensors with Renesas’ R-Car flexible software platform equips OEMs and Tier 1’s with the latest automotive computing to address these applications, including ADAS and up to Level 3 automated driving.

“As a market leader and innovator in automotive image sensor technologies, onsemi is a logical choice to provide our customers with the highest levels of system performance, functional safety and cybersecurity,” said Takeshi Fuse, head of Function Unit and Business Development for the High Performance Computing, Analog and Power Solutions Group at Renesas. “Out-of-the-box compatibility of the onsemi Hyperlux image sensors on our R-Car V4x Platform and continued collaboration on the next generation offerings are testament to the quality of our products and longstanding relationship. This also goes back to Renesas’ core purpose to make our customers’ lives easier.”

This latest product combination builds upon a strong portfolio of products between Renesas and onsemi products that have been deployed together in automotive applications for many years and product generations. Today millions of vehicles are on the road using a combination of R-Car Gen2 or Gen3 with onsemi image sensors in applications such as front camera, surround view and driver monitoring systems (DMS).

“With its deep understanding of automotive applications and extensive experience in SoCs, Renesas is uniquely positioned to develop solutions that will meet customers’ current and future requirements,” said Chris Adams, vice president, Automotive Sensing Division at onsemi. “The decision to integrate Hyperlux image sensors onto Renesas’ latest platform demonstrates that our sensors are a key technology for safety-critical ADAS and autonomous driving solutions, delivering the uncompromised image quality that customers expect.”