Avnet announced yesterday that it will appoint Tony Roybal as new president of the Americas’ Electronic Components Division. The official appointment date will be July 3. After taking office, Roybal will be responsible for the operation of all Avnet's electronic components business in the Americas and report directly to Phil Gallagher, President of Avnet Worldwide.

It is reported that Roybal holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from California State University’s Northridge campus. At the beginning of his career, Roybal held sales positions at Motorola Semiconductor. Prior to Avnet, Roybal spent 24 years at ON Semiconductor, where he participated in 15 acquisitions and played a key role. Roybal’s most recent position at ON Semiconductor was the vice president of the Americas region. The American market led by Roybal led the growth of the global income and market share, including wireless, consumer, industrial, automotive and computing business markets.

Avnet CEO Bill Amelio said: "Tony has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience and is an ideal leader in our Americas business. Tony's ability to lead the American team and establish a strong relationship with our suppliers and customers is a combination, It will certainly accelerate our growth in the Americas. "

Roybal said: “I look forward to bringing my experience and passion to Avnet. We will continue to promote closer partnerships, accelerate revenue growth, win victories for our suppliers, and bring considerable financial performance to the company. ”