August 11, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- The electrification of the transportation system is advancing continuously. In addition to passenger cars, 2- and 3-wheelers as well as light vehicles are increasingly being electrified. Therefore, the automotive market for Electronic Control Units (ECUs) powered by 24 V-72 V is expected to keep growing in the coming years. To address this development, Infineon Technologies AG is complementing its OptiMOS™ 5 portfolio of automotive MOSFETs in the 60 V and 120 V range with new products in the high power packages TOLL, TOLG and TOLT. They are offering a compact form factor with very good thermal performance combined with excellent switching behavior.

The six new products offer a narrowed gate threshold voltage (V GS(th)) enabling designs with parallel MOSFETs for increased output power capability. The IAUTN06S5N008, IAUTN06S5N008G and IAUTN06S5N008T are 60 V MOSFETs, and the IAUTN12S5N017, IAUTN12S5N018G and IAUTN12S5N018T are 120 V MOSFETs. The on resistance (R DS(on)) ranges from 1.7 mΩ to 1.8 mΩ for the 120 V MOSFETs and is 0.8 mΩ for the 60 V MOSFETs. This makes the 60V MOSFETs perfectly suited for high power 24 V supplied CAV applications or for HV-LV DCDC converters in xEVs. The 120 V MOSFETs are used in 48 V – 72 V supplied traction inverters for 2- or 3-wheelers and light electric vehicles.

Samples of the new OptiMOS 5 products can be ordered now. More information is available at