August 11, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, on August 8, the public tender offer initiated by a consortium led by Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) to Toshiba was officially launched.

A consortium dominated by JIP will officially launch a tender offer for Toshiba with a total amount of about 2 trillion yen. The consortium, made up of more than 20 Japanese companies, will buy Toshiba shares at a price of 4,620 yen per share. So far, semiconductor manufacturer ROHM has announced that it will invest 300 billion yen, and ORIX has announced that it will invest 200 billion yen.

The tender offer will close on Sept. 20, when the bid will be successful if the acquirer buys more than two-thirds of Toshiba shares.

Toshiba's board expressed support for the tender offer. Akihiro Watanabe, chairman of the board, called on shareholders to accept the offer at a press conference, vowing to transform the company through delisting.