STMicroelectronics has introduced single-chip integration of the latest digital security technologies to protect smart objects and networks, including public infrastructure, against cyber threats.

Providing state-of-the-art security features for networked objects, the STSAFE-J100 provides a verifiable and immutable identity for these networked devices, handling IoT communications encryption, and providing data security storage capabilities. The STSAFE-J100 is easily integrated into networking equipment such as smart meters, data concentrators, and utility gateways. STSAFE-J100 safety components integrate CC EAL5+ certified hardware and CC EAL5+ certified safety operating systems to tailor applications to different market requirements. Equipment designers can choose to independently develop safety profiles, or they can use STMicroelectronics pre-certified safety profiles (for example, German BSI and French Enedis Smart Public Construction Code) to get to market faster.

STSAFE-J100 expands STMicroelectronics' record of success in its powerful, friendly and hardware-based digital security in e-government, transportation, banking and consumer projects. It provides more than 1 billion embedded security components annually to protect the world Equipment and internet.

Laurent Degauque, director of marketing for STMicroelectronics' Secure Microcontroller Division, said: "Today's online services and remote networked objects require high-level protection to protect against changing network threats. Providing the most advanced and integrated security with minimal effort Technology, which is crucial for device manufacturers, is a flexible and flexible STSAFE-J100 solution that improves performance and supports the latest encryption algorithms and security standards, including security profiles for the two important smart meter markets in Germany and France. ”

In order to make full use of the flexibility of STSAFE-J100 to ensure that the threat defense function is impeccable, STMicroelectronics provides its customers with personalized services for safety equipment. The personalization setup allows each device to have a unique identity and key, which is an essential part of the concept of a secure element, allowing users to create trustworthy hardware that can withstand cloning or hacker attacks. ST's personalization service is both safe and cost-effective, eliminating the need for security program design, preventing key and confidentiality leakage, and distributing programmatically designed devices.

The STSAFE-J100 is housed in a 5mm x 5mm VFQFPN32, 6.0mm x 4.9mm SO8N, or 4.2mm x 4.0mm UDFN8 package and takes up very little space on the system board.