May. 30, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- MediaTek and Nvidia jointly announced on May 29 that they will cooperate in the field of automotive chips. The two parties will give full play to the advantages of their respective automotive product portfolios to jointly provide solutions for a new generation of smart cars, providing video streaming and game functions for cars, and will also use AI technology to empower driving, realize interaction with drivers, and create an AI smart cockpit.

According to the cooperation agreement, MediaTek will use small chip high-speed interconnection technology to develop an automotive SoC processor integrated with Nvidia's GPU. This processor will have Nvidia's graphics and AI computing capabilities, and at the same time can take advantage of Nvidia's related software tools, such as autonomous driving software DRIVE OS, DRIVE IX, CUDA and TensorRT.

The automotive SoC jointly developed by the two parties will also be compatible with MediaTek's existing Dimensity Auto platform. In terms of application, the SoC enables the car's dashboard to display the surrounding environment, and the camera in the car can monitor the driver. In addition, the car's interactive entertainment capabilities, automatic driving capabilities, and safety and security capabilities will be comprehensively improved.

MediaTek CEO Rick Tsai said that the vision of this cooperation is to provide a one-stop service for the global automotive industry to design a new generation of intelligent connected vehicles. Through this cooperation with Nvidia, they will jointly provide a truly unique platform for future computing-intensive software-defined vehicles.

Rick Tsa said the first products in partnership with Nvidia are planned for 2025.