May. 29, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to Bloomberg News, Sony Semiconductor President and CEO Shimizu Terushi said that the company has decided to purchase about 27 hectares of land in Kumamoto Prefecture for the construction of a new semiconductor factory.

Terushi Shimizu said that the land purchase process is currently underway.

"Facing uncertainties ahead, we will make long-term plans with an eye toward the future so that we can seize growth opportunities when the market recovers," Shimizu said.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. mainly produces CMOS image sensors, which can be applied to smartphones, cameras, automobiles, etc. It currently has a production base in Kumamoto Prefecture. It has also cooperated with TSMC to invest in the construction of a semiconductor factory in Japan.

In fiscal year 2022, Sony's market share in the global image sensor market reached 51%, and the company's goal is to increase to 60% in 2025.