May. 8, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- Infineon Technologies AG announces that it has successfully integrated CoolGaN™ 600 V hybrid-drain embedded gate-injection transistor (HD-GIT) technology into its in-house manufacturing. Leveraging Infineon's fully owned and controlled supply chain, the expanded GaN product portfolio includes a broad range of discrete and fully integrated GaN devices with lifetimes well in excess of JEDEC requirements. The new CoolGaN devices are optimized for a variety of applications ranging from industrial SMPS for servers, telecom and solar to consumer applications such as chargers and adapters, motor drives, TV/monitors and LED lighting systems.

The portfolio of CoolGaN discrete and integrated power stage (IPS) devices provides designers with the necessary flexibility to meet their specific needs for industrial applications complying with JEDEC standards (JESD47 and JESD22). The discrete CoolGaN GIT HEMT devices are available in DSO-20-85, DSO-20-87, HSOF-8-3, LSON-81-, and TSON-8 packages and in multiple on-state resistance (R DS(on),max) values ranging from 42 to 340 mΩ. The IPS solutions come in the form of half-bridge and single-channel devices. Half-bridge solutions integrate two GaN switches and are housed in a TIQFN-28 package with R DS(on),max values of (2x) 190-650 mΩ. Single-channel solutions are available in a thermally-enhanced TIQFN-21 package with R DS(on),max values in the range of 130-340 mΩ.

Infineon’s CoolGaN GIT technology features a unique combination of a robust gate structure, internal electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, and excellent dynamic R DS(on) performance. It fully exploits the intrinsic properties of GaN to deliver exceptional figures of merit (FoM) compared to Si technology, such as ten times higher breakdown field, two times higher electron mobility, ten times lower output charge, zero reverse recovery charge, and ten times lower gate charge with linear output capacitance (C OSS).

These technical features provide significant design advantages such as very low R DS(on), improved efficiency in resonant circuits, the use of new topologies and current modulation, as well as fast and nearly lossless switching.

Infineon’s range of CoolGaN 600 V GIT discrete devices includes both top- and bottom-side cooled (TSC/BSC) JEDEC-compliant packages. CoolGaN TSC power packages are unique in the market and address higher power requirements. The benefits for designers are manifold, ultimately leading to compact and lightweight products with high power density, improved energy efficiency, and reduced total system costs. Infineon’s commitment to quality standards ensures unmatched robustness and long-term reliability, lowering operating and maintenance costs for high-energy consumption applications.

Infineon’s CoolGaN devices are in volume production, samples can be ordered now. For more information, please visit