MediaTek announced that it has launched the 5G baseband chip M70. The general manager Chen Guanzhou stated that MediaTek 5G definitely leads the group.

Chen Guanzhou said that MediaTek has been involved in the mobile phone industry for 20 years, spreading the use of mobile phones to people from various countries, regions, and different sectors, and accelerating the development of the mobile phone industry.

For MediaTek 5G development, Chen Guanzhou stated that MediaTek's 5G start is much faster than the 4G era. It is deeply involved in standard setting and also leads some of the directions, which will help the 5G product development process.

Chen Guanzhou said that its 5G baseband chips are currently cooperating with Nokia and Huawei, and that the products will be available next year.

Cai Lixing, chief executive of MediaTek, said that the company’s outlook is optimistic. Not only will the economy be good in the second half of the year, but its capabilities and positioning are also quite good. This year’s operations are cautiously optimistic.