According to the supply chain, automotive IGBT and other power ICs are still in tight supply.

Sources said that the price of power chips has fallen sharply, MOSFET and diode demand have been sluggish, and the inventory in the supply chain has surged. However, the supply of automotive semiconductors, including Infineon, STMicroelectronics, onsemi, and Rohm, is lower than demand. The price of automotive IGBTs and several other power chips is still high due to the supply shortage.

The sources pointed out that lead times for automotive and photovoltaic IGBTs are still long, while shortages of IGBTs for consumer electronics are improving. At the same time, the supply of industrial IGBTs remains tight.

The source further revealed that the current delivery time of IDM's automotive IGBTs is about 40-50 weeks, and the chip supply gap is estimated to be 40%-50%.