Texas Instruments recently announced a major step forward to help manufacturers get the products they need, introducing a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide unprecedented access to accurate, real-time inventory information about available TI analog and embedded processing products.

"Companies are looking for ways to streamline their ability to better forecast their supply needs and speed time to market – and that means working directly with their suppliers," said Mark Roberts, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at TI. "We are excited to be the first semiconductor manufacturer to launch these APIs, giving our customers the clearest visibility into TI’s inventory of authentic products and a more convenient purchasing experience."

TI store APIs allow customer procurement systems to link directly to TI systems and quickly exchange data digitally. TI customers can use these APIs to customize their ordering process and purchase TI products when they are immediately available. Access to real-time TI inventory data helps procurement teams reduce cost and delays, while improving the accuracy of the information they receive. Learn more about TI APIs at www.ti.com/api.

Benefits of TI store APIs:

  • Faster, more automated ordering. TI store API access reduces the time and steps needed to order products. Automation speeds the purchasing process, making it easier for purchasing managers to understand their true inventory situation and more accurately forecast their actual supply needs.
  • Self-service connectivity. TI provides resources with API documentation such as workflow integration guides and pre-developed starter code to connect to the suite of TI store APIs. Additionally, customers can leverage a dedicated TI E2E™ design support forum to receive support as they test and implement functionality.
  • Flexibility in payment and fulfillment. TI helps its customers manage their cash flow more effectively. For those ordering through the TI store API, TI accepts payments in over 15 currencies and multiple payment options, including bank transfer, Apruve or net 30 line-of-credit terms. TI also acts as importer of record in 45 countries, helping customers achieve savings on customs clearance fees.
  • A consistent, familiar ordering process. Customers can customize order entries to match the look and feel of their internal procurement teams, simplifying the order process.

"Connecting to TI through our new suite of APIs gives our customers the ability to automate the purchasing process using the practices, controls and methods that best fit their individual business model," said Jason Raboy, online catalog business director at TI. "There has never been a more convenient way to access available, authentic TI inventory, nor so many customizable ways to obtain it."