Yageo announced yesterday that it will acquire Telemecanique Sensors, Schneider Electric's advanced industrial sensor business unit, for 686 million euros in cash, and the transaction is expected to be completed in the first half of next year.

Telemecanique Sensors is a specialist supplier of key electromechanical and electronic sensors. The products include advanced limit switches, proximity sensors and pressure sensors, etc., mainly targeting the advanced markets in North America and Europe.

Yageo said that Telemecanique Sensors has been focusing on the B2B field for a long time and has advantages in the most advanced product portfolio. Through this acquisition, Yageo will continue to expand innovative sensor solutions and further expand and deepen its close relationship with global industrial customers.

As early as October 11, Yageo announced the acquisition of Heraeus' high-end temperature sensor division. Yageo said that Heraeus and Telemecanique Sensors will be an important layout of the company's sensing business, and will be one of the key directions of Yageo's sustainable development in the future. After the merger, the sensing business revenue is expected to exceed 600 million US dollars.