According to the latest report from TrendForce, the output value of the top ten foundries reached $33.20 billion in the second quarter. However, the quarterly growth fell to 3.9% due to weaker consumer market conditions.

TrendForce: Quarterly growth of the top ten foundries dropped to 3.9%-SemiMedia

From the ranking point of view, TSMC ranked first with a revenue of $18.15 billion, but the quarterly growth rate fell to 3.5% due to the increase in wafer prices in the first quarter; Samsung ranked second with revenue of $5.59 billion in the second quarter, a quarterly increase of 4.9%; UMC ranked third with revenue of $2.45 billion in the second quarter, with a quarterly increase of 8.1%, the highest growth rate.

In terms of manufacturers in mainland China, SMIC ranked fifth with revenue of $1.90 billion, a quarterly increase of 3.3%, while the proportion of revenue in the smartphone field fell to 25.4%; HuaHong Group ranked sixth with revenue of US$1.06 billion ; Nexchip ranked ninth with $460 million, a quarterly increase of 4.5%.