According to reports, Nvidia has placed an order for super hot runs from TSMC, and will produce some products originally scheduled to be shipped in 2023 in advance, with a total quantity of about 5,000 pieces, and delivery will start from the end of October to early November this year at the earliest. The delivery time for urgent items will be greatly shortened, from the original estimated 5-6 months, to 2-3 months.

On September 1, Nvidia issued an announcement saying that the U.S. government has authorized exports, re-exports and domestic transfers to continue the development of the H100 integrated circuit; the authorization also allows the company to provide necessary export support for U.S. customers of the A100 GPU until March 1, 2023; additionally, the U.S. government authorizes order fulfillment and logistics for the A100 and H100 through the company's Hong Kong facility until September 1, 2023.

Semiconductor industry sources pointed out that these products may be A100 chips delivered to customers in mainland China. Although Nvidia has obtained a license, it can still export such chips to mainland China through its Hong Kong company during the buffer period, but after the buffer period, it must have a license from the US government to export. Therefore, it is possible for Nvidia to place an urgent order for TSMC.