STMicroelectronics currently released the 2018 Sustainability Report. The report contains the implementation details and important achievements of STMicroelectronics' sustainable development in 2017, and proposes its plans for sustainable development and 2025 goals, and states the company's contribution to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Carlo Bozotti, president and CEO of STMicroelectronics, stated: "Technology is the driving force for continuous improvement. We believe that when combined with an internalized sustainable development approach, semiconductor technology will help solve many challenges facing the world. 2017 was the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding, and it was also one of the best years for its business and financial performance. We have achieved this through the launch of a unique product portfolio targeting the broad end markets around the two major application areas of smart driving and the Internet of Things. STMicroelectronics has entered the goal of a sustainable and profitable growth track. At the same time, we have also improved our sustainable development strategy and deployed some new initiatives in the coming years, thus forming an ambitious plan and the 2025 goal."

The important achievements made by STMicroelectronics in sustainable development in 2017:

Innovation and partnership

- Reinvesting 31% of total revenue in R&D and capital expenditure, which is an investment in innovation and future growth;

- At the end of 2017, the proportion of our responsible products in new products increased to 43%;

- Strengthen the cooperation framework, establish close partnerships with more than 100 start-ups, and continue to promote industrial partnerships and research plans, reaching a total of 234 active R&D partnerships;

People and community

- Enhancing the emphasis on safety culture in production and maintaining the highest quality safety production companies in the industry. The recordable accident rate was only 0.14%, and the major accident rate was 25% lower than that in 2016;

- More than 76,000 medical exams have been completed worldwide through the "STMicroelectronics Health Plan";

- Site risk assessments for all major production and design sites, covering labor and professional ethics within the framework of the Responsible Business Alliance's (RBA) annual self-assessment framework, which accounts for 86% of the total number of employees. Continue to implement RBA's third-party periodic review plan, achieving an average of nearly 30% higher than the industry average;

- STMicroelectronics employees are from 97 different countries, ethnic diversity continues to play an important role in corporate culture, and the company continues to build more inclusive workplaces by expanding existing company plans that focus on women, people with disabilities and integrating young talents ;

- Continue to support education and volunteer services. 30 STMicroelectronics regional companies in 17 different countries took a total of 335 related initiatives;

- The STMicroelectronics Foundation has broken through milestones in the training of up to 500,000 students in 26 countries. In 2017, more than 100,000 students participated in the Foundation's courses in informatics and computer science;


- Rated by the CDP as a leader in sustainable water management;

- According to the normalization method, absolute energy consumption has fallen by 12% compared to 2016;

- As of the end of 2017, 26% of ST's purchased energy came from renewable energy sources;

- More than 91% of waste was reused, recycled or retextured, making STMicroelectronics one of the best environmental impact manufacturing companies in 2017.