Silicon Labs and Wirepas jointly announced the availability of software and hardware solutions to unlock the potential of multiple protocol connections in mesh networks. With its growing relationship and successful experience in the smart meter market, Wirepas and Silicon Labs collaborate on the true simultaneous multi-protocol switching solution of the ERF32 Wireless Gecko radio, which will provide more innovations for applications such as connected lighting, smart energy and asset management.

Silicon Labs and Wirepas have teamed up to enable customers and partners to leverage the unique features of Wirepas Mesh software, including network scalability, reliability, and ease of use, as well as the EFR32 SoC's RF performance and multiple protocol connections. The joint solution leverages the Wirepas Mesh stack and Silicon Labs's Bluetooth software, Micrium OS and RAIL wireless interface software to manage simultaneous Bluetooth and Wirepas Mesh connections on a single EFR32 SoC.

Bluetooth is the ideal protocol for controlling lighting systems and indoor navigation. It can improve user satisfaction through an easy-to-use smart phone App. At the same time, device deployment can be simplified through smart phones without the need for custom hardware, further simplifying the installation and commissioning process. Wirepas Mesh software is the backbone of large Internet of Things networks, and Bluetooth provides a ubiquitous point-to-point user interface. The agreement portfolio also meets the growing demand for connectable lighting solutions in the retail, commercial and hotel markets.

Teppo Hemiä, chief executive of Wirepas, said that the collaboration between Wirepas Mesh and Silicon Labs' EFR32 platform addresses the pressing issue of the industrial-scale Internet of Things (IoT), that is, how to wirelessly connect billions of devices with different and ever-changing network requirements. The combination of high performance mesh networking and Bluetooth technology provides a powerful way to meet the multiple protocol connection requirements of partners and customers.

Dennis Natale, Silicon Labs vice president and general manager of the Internet of Things products, said that the integration of multiple protocol solutions between Wirepas and Silicon Labs frees application developers from the complexity of developing a network protocol stack and scheduling multiple wireless protocols, allowing Silicon Labs and Wirepas to Co-clients can focus on creating unique value-added mesh network applications in various Internet of Things areas.