Infineon Technologies has released the new EDT2 IGBT in a TO247PLUS package. The devices are optimized for automotive discrete traction inverters and expand Infineon's portfolio of discrete high-voltage devices for automotive applications. Due to their high quality, the IGBTs meet and exceed the industry standard AECQ101 for automotive components. As a result, the devices can significantly increase the performance and reliability of inverter systems. With the automotive micro-pattern trench-field-stop cell design, the IGBTs are based on a technology that has already been successfully utilized in several inverter modules such as the EasyPACK™ 2B EDT2 or the HybridPACK™.

As required for the target applications, the product family is short-circuit-robust. In addition, the TO247PLUS package offers a greater creepage distance for easy design-in. EDT2 technology is optimized for traction inverter and has a breakdown voltage of 750 V, supporting battery voltages up to 470 V DC, and significantly lower switching and conduction losses.

The rated currents of the discrete EDT2 IGBTs are 120 A and 200 A at 100°C, each with a very low forward voltage, reducing conduction losses by up to 13 percent compared to the previous generation. With a rated current of 200 A, the AIKQ200N75CP2 is also the best-in-class discrete IGBT in a TO247Plus package. Thus, for a defined target power class, fewer devices are needed in parallel. Additionally, power density increases and system costs decrease.

In addition, the EDT2 IGBTs feature an extremely narrow parameter distribution. The collector-emitter saturation voltage (V ce(sat)) difference between typical and maximum values is less than 200 mV and the gate threshold voltage (V GEth) difference is less than 750 mV. Furthermore, the thermal coefficient is positive. Together, this enables easy parallel operation and provides system flexibility and power scalability for final designs. Moreover, the IGBTs offer smooth switching performance, low gate charge (Q G) and a high junction temperature (T vjop) of 175°C.

The AIKQ120N75CP2 and the AIKQ200N75CP2 are now available. More information please click AIKQ120N75CP2 and AIKQ200N75CP2.