TSMC Chairman Dr. Mark Liu pointed out in a recent interview that the actual number of chips they delivered was far more than the number assembled on the electronic devices. He believes that there must be companies hoarding chips in the supply chain.

Mark Liu said that in the global chip shortage, more chips are sent to factories than used in products, which means that there must be someone in the supply chain hoarding chips. In order to solve the problem, he set up a team to review different data to identify which customers really need chips and which customers are hoarding chips.

Mark Liu emphasized that since they have not done anything like this before, they are still learning how to adjust to postpone orders for chips that are not really urgent.

Mark Liu said that some customers may be dissatisfied, but TSMC must do so in order to ensure the normal operation of the entire supply chain.

TSMC announced earlier this year that it will invest $100 billion in new production capacity in the next three years, but Mark Liu believes that these production capacities are far from enough to meet market demand.