According to reports, Infineon Technologies was forced to halt manufacturing operations at its chip fab in Dresden, Germany, due to a 20-minute power outage in the capital of Saxony.

Jochen Hanebeck, COO of Infineon, confirmed the manufacturing interruption at the company’s chip fab in Dresden on Sept. 13, 2021.

“We had winter storms in Texas and Covid [constraints] at many sites. You would believe that eventually you have covered all statistical improbabilities but, on Monday, the power supply was down for twenty minutes. The emergency generators started up, but they can only keep up with the relevant systems.” said Jochen Hanebeck.

“Many facilities went into an emergency stop status, but now most of the facilities are up and running again. What the colleagues have to do now is to evaluate the work in progress, the semi-finished products. In one or two weeks, we will be able to say more to our customers. The impact will be less than in Austin.” he added.