Maxim announced the ultra-small, pin-for-pin compatible MAX20075 and MAX20076 step-down converters to help system designers build small, high-efficiency, 40V load dump applications. The MAX20075 and MAX20076 step-down converters offer the industry's smallest quiescent current (IQ) and ultra-small footprint and integrate internal compensation. This solution requires only minimal external components and can save up to 50% of board space, making it ideal for uninterruptible power automotive applications.

Maxim Launches Step-Down Converter to Support Uninterruptible Power Supply Automotive Applications-SemiMedia

The MAX20075 and MAX20076 use peak current mode with the industry's lowest quiescent current—3.5μA in low-power operation mode, which is key to achieving the 100μA quiescent current required by each OEM. The converter enables pin-spread or 2.1MHz fixed operating frequency through pins to support low-noise operation and meet the EMI requirements of the CISPR 25 Class 5 standard. In addition, the 2.1 MHz operating frequency and internal compensation have the added advantage of reducing the solution size and bill of materials (BOM) compared to non-synchronous components operating in the AM band. The MAX20075 and MAX20076 support a minimum on-time mode that provides a large input-to-output conversion ratio.

For example, allowing the IC to switch from Vbatt input to Vout (2.1MHz operating frequency) less than 3V, which means that one auxiliary power supply can be omitted and the overall BOM cost can be reduced by US$0.30 to integrate new features into the design and achieve higher flexibility. The MAX20075 and MAX20076 meet the AEC-Q100 standard and are available in a 3x3mm TDFN package and operate over the -40℃ to +125℃ambient temperature range.