Heilind Electronics, a specialist authorized distributor of interconnects and electromechanical products, recently won the Molex 2017 Best Distributor award for its sales growth and outstanding performance in operations and execution management.

Molex's Distributor of the Year Award is a great confirmation of the effectiveness of Molex and Heilind's cooperation over the past year, reflecting Heilind's outstanding performance in operations and management. Heilind has brought Molex's technology solutions to the market in the past few years. Through breakthroughs in business model and service innovation, Heilind has expanded the scope of its value-added services.

Aldo Lopez, President of Molex Global Sales and Marketing, Fred Bell, Vice President of Worldwide Distribution, and David Ho, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, South Asia, presented Heilind with the "Best Distributor of Molex 2017" award in recognition of Heilind's achievements over the past year, and expressed the wish to deepen their cooperation.

Martin Kent, president of Heilind Asia Pacific and Europe, said in response to the award: “This award shows that our cooperation with Molex has been consistent. Our common business strategy allows us to work together to win success. It is our honor to receive the Molex Distributor of the Year Award. " Alan Chuah, Head of Asia Pacific Marketing at Heilind, said: “We are very grateful to Molex for your recognition. Molex is our strategic supplier. We are proud to be Molex's preferred channel partner. We look forward to further cooperation with Molex in strategic cooperation and collaborative development."