Infineon Technologies won the award recognition from Toyota Motor and affirmed its continuous excellent product quality. The Toyota Hirose Plant awarded the Honor Quality Award to Infineon, a Munich-based chip manufacturer, for the excellence of its CAN transceivers. This device allows various electronic control modules in the vehicle to exchange data.

Frank Auer, Head of Quality Management at Infineon’s Power Supply and Networking IC Division, stated: “Infineon’s automotive chips must meet the stringent requirements for automotive applications from the design source.” Together with Masayuki Takazawa, Infineon’s Quality Assurance Director Infineon accepts this award. Auer said: "We have also integrated the latest research results for the continuous improvement of the production process of existing products." In addition, Infineon also provides most of its wafer and packaging technologies through multiple locations to ensure a stable supply capacity.

Takazawa said: "Reliability and zero-defect product quality are highly valued in the Japanese market. This is one of the reasons why the company has continued to expand market share in recent years." According to a market research firm Strategy Analytics, the largest in Japan in 2017 Infineon increased from No. 5 to No. 4 on the automotive semiconductor supplier list. Takazawa said: “The award won by the Toyota Hirose Plant definitely strengthens our determination to pursue top quality.”

Toyota Hirose Factory regularly recognizes the excellent quality of suppliers. Infineon supplies transceivers to the Guangsheng plant for controller area network (CAN) in the vehicle. Many different ECUs in the car communicate with each other in this network, such as transmission systems, safety, and convenience functions.

This is the 10th time that Infineon has won the award from the Toyota Hirose Plant and affirmed its outstanding quality.