STMicroelectronics recently introduced the STNRG011 digital power controller, which simplifies and accelerates 90W-300W power application development, such as computers, LED lamps, medical, telecommunications, industrial and other applications, and meets today's most stringent design standards.

STMicroelectronics Introduces Highly Integrated Digital Power Controller STNRG011-SemiMedia

The STNRG011 integrates a dual-ended LLC resonant half-bridge controller, a multi-mode power-factor correction (PFC) controller, and a digital in-core core that operates best-in-class control algorithms in a single package. The integrated digital peripherals on the chip utilize ST's State Machine Event Driven (SMED) technology and proprietary analog hardware to improve the control loop processing performance and achieve outstanding dynamic response. Non-volatile memory is also provided on the chip for storing special parameters.

The STNRG011's digital control and user programming menus help engineers optimize efficiency and performance across all load ranges, and use an adjustable burst-mode to improve performance at light loads. Digital UART/I2C ports can be connected to the host system to provide monitoring data and manage power.

The chip also incorporates many other features, including LLC and PFC gate drivers, high voltage (800V) startup circuitry, and line feedback to further simplify application design, increase reliability and ruggedness, and reduce solution size and bill of materials costs.


The STNRG011 also provides comprehensive safety protection for LLC and PFC circuits, including overvoltage, overcurrent, low voltage, lightning, feedback disconnect, anti-mold protection, undervoltage protection, and soft-start.