According to sources in the supply chain, Intel will be the first to adopt TSMC’s most advanced 3nm process to produce graphics chips and server processors. It is planned to tape out at TSMC fab 18b in the second quarter of next year, and mass production will begin in July next year.

The industry insider pointed out that TSMC will use 3nm technology to produce Intel’s core products, including a graphics chip and three server processors, which are the products that have recently completed product design at TSMC’s fab 12. These four products will be delivered in May next year, and mass production will start in July next year. The first batch is about 4,000 pieces. It is expected that it will increase by more than 10,000 pieces soon after shipment, which is one year earlier than the original schedule.

In addition, according to TSMC’s supply chain, TSMC is currently stepping up the installation of the 3-nanometer fab to prepare for Intel’s chip production.

TSMC stated that it does not comment on customer orders. However, TSMC Chairman Dr. Mark Liu recently stated that Intel is a customer of TSMC, and he believes that Intel will also adopt TSMC’s innovative technology.