According to reports, the price of Wi-Fi modules soared in the third quarter, which was nearly 5 times higher than the price of $3.5 per piece last year.

As early as March of this year, Broadcom notified its customers that the delivery period of its communication network chips has been extended to 50 weeks, and some chips have reached more than one year. In addition, Realtek, another network chip manufacturer, also issued a similar notice in April.

The report pointed out that in the case of supply chain interruption, the purchase of chip buyers has increased sharply than usual. Take industrial computer manufacturers as an example. Before the shortage, they only needed 1,000 network chips per month, but now their monthly purchases are around a few thousand.

Supply chain sources also said that the quotations of Wi-Fi, switches, and Ethernet chips have continued to rise. The price of Wi-Fi modules in the third quarter has risen to $16-17, which is nearly five times higher than last year’s $3.5.