Today, TSMC President Dr. C.C. Wei mentioned in the online technical seminar that the development of 4-nanometer technology is progressing smoothly. Trial production is expected to start in the third quarter of 2021, one quarter earlier than the original plan.

As for 3 nanometer technology, TSMC stated that it will be mass-produced in the second half of 2022 as originally planned, and it will become the world's most advanced logic technology by then. Compared with the 5nm process technology, the 3nm process is 15% faster, the power consumption is reduced by 30%, and the logic density is increased by 70%.

In addition, TSMC has broken ground on a 12-inch wafer fab built in Arizona with a $12 billion investment. The fab will begin mass production of 5 nanometer technology chips in 2024, with a monthly production capacity of about 20,000 chips.