According to SEMI’s recent report, North America-based semiconductor equipment manufacturers posted $3.41 billion in billings worldwide in April 2021 (three-month average basis). The billings figure is 4.1% higher than final March 2021 billings of $3.27 billion and 49.5% higher than April 2020 billings of $2.28 billion.

“April billings of North America-based semiconductor equipment marked the fifth consecutive month of record growth,” said Ajit Manocha, SEMI president and CEO. “Equipment manufacturers continue to log steady growth as the industry works to meet accelerating demand for semiconductors across a wide range of end-market segments.”

North American semiconductor equipment industry achieves five consecutive months of growth-SemiMedia

The SEMI Billings report uses three-month moving averages of worldwide billings for North American-based semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Billings figures are in millions of U.S. dollars.

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