According to Nikkei Asia, DRAM spot prices have soared by about 60% since the beginning of the year, reaching the highest price since March 2019. The reason for the soaring price is that the surge in demand for electronic products during the Covid-19 epidemic and the increase in automobile production have driven the market's demand for semiconductors.

According to sources in the supply chain cited by Nikkei Asia, the spot market price of DDR4 SDRAM 4GB chips reached approximately US$2.68 on March 9, an increase of approximately 60% from the beginning of the year.

The main buyers in the DRAM spot market are manufacturers of small and medium-sized memory cards and other manufacturers with little DRAM usage. Chips traded at spot prices account for about 10% of the global chip market.

A semiconductor supplier said that if the supply cannot be improved, the situation will make it difficult for printer manufacturers to produce printers. The demand for home printers has strengthened during the Covid-19 epidemic, but the shortage of chips has made it difficult to purchase memory chips for printers.