According to supply chain, Yageo issued a price increase notice to customers at the beginning of this month, stating that the prices of chip resistors and MLCC will increase by 10-20%. The new prices will take effect in April, including quotations to contract customers.

In addition, Walsin has also issued a notice to increase the price of MLCC by 30%-40% recently, which is twice that of Yageo.

Industry insiders of passive components believe that after Walsin raised the price of MLCC, it is expected that the prices of its three major product lines may also rise.

The increase in order volume is one of the reasons for the price increase of Yageo and Huaxin, while the increase in order volume is driven by Japanese passive component manufacturers.

Industry insiders pointed out that Murata had already raised the price of MLCC and extended the lead time at the beginning of the year; Taiyo Yuden has shifted its focus to the automotive market and almost stopped taking new orders for consumer electronics; TDK also issued price increases notices to some customers. Driven by these reasons, some orders have been transferred to manufacturers such as Yageo and Walsin.