Xilinx CEO Victor Peng said in an interview recently that the semiconductor shortage that affects the automotive industry will not be resolved soon, and the problem has extended to the supply of other materials and components, including substrates used in IC packaging.

Victor Peng said that it is not just the shortage of wafer production capacity in fabs, but the supply of a series of components, including integrated circuit packaging substrates, is facing challenges. He hopes that such a shortage will not last for a whole year, and emphasized that there is no plan to increase prices.

Xilinx is a supplier to many auto companies such as Subaru and Daimler. With the increase in product orders, there are rumors that AMD may consider transferring some orders from TSMC to Samsung Electronics. In this regard, Victor Peng emphasized that all of the company's high-end chips are produced by TSMC's foundry. As long as TSMC is still a leader in the foundry field, Xilinx will never transfer orders.