Recently, ADI's CEO said in an interview with Reuters that under the premise of better-than-expected results in the first fiscal quarter, ADI will postpone the closure of the California chip factory due to the sales boom and tight supply.

ADI has previously stated that it will close its chip factory in Milpitas, California, which mainly produces chips for the automotive industry. ADI told California regulators in December last year that 255 employees at the plant will be laid off on February 19.

However, ADI CEO Vincent Roche said on Wednesday that due to tight supply may continue until October, the plant's closing time will be postponed.

"We may extend the opening hours of the factory a bit to fill the gap in supply. We very expected to close the factory before the end of the year." Roche said.

Roche said the company still believes that it will be more cost-effective to merge the California factory with the Washington plant by October, but it may reconsider this decision in the future.

Roche also said that if demand goes up a notch, it's another matter. He added: "We will become more agile and adaptable as needed."