Mouser Electronics announced a global distribution agreement with SanRex Corporation, a preeminent manufacturer of highly engineered, reliable power semiconductors. Through the agreement, Mouser customers around the world can now order SanRex power semiconductor products for same-day delivery in most cases.

SanRex three-phase diode modules include the latest addition of new, compact 1600V diode bridges that incorporate a low-loss, high-surge tolerance chip in a compact dual-inline package (DIP), contributing to high performance, high reliability, and improved productivity. The modules offer reduced thermal resistance due to an integrated copper heat plate, while dual terminals ensure reliable solderability for large-current applications.

The DKR400CA60 two-in-one fast recovery diode module offers high power cycle reliability and excellent heat dissipation in devices such as welding machines, plasma cutting machines, and plating equipment. SCE110AB160 thyristor power module is a 110 A, 1600 V silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) module that offers high di/dt tolerance and superb heat dissipation for use in inverters, servo controllers, power controllers, and more. Both the DKR400CA60 and SCE110AB160 come in a compact Techno Block transfer mold package, which combines transfer molding with a structure that solders the chip directly without the use of wire bonding, enabling improvements in long-term reliability and miniaturization.

SanRex DFA series are 800 V and 1600 V isolated power modules designed for inrush protection at the positive DC terminal. These devices consist of six diodes connected in a three-phase bridge, with an integrated thyristor that eliminates the need for external inrush current protection.