TDK Corporation announces the development of new chip NTC thermistors designed for conductive adhesion mounting, expanding TDK’s NTCSP series product lineup. The chip NTC thermistors are used for temperature sensing and compensation, measuring without direct contact in automotive applications including ABS, inside the transmission or engine, and more. The new NTCSP series part numbers are available in 10 kΩ, 47 kΩ, and 100 kΩ types with dimensions of 1.0 × 0.5 mm and 1.6 × 0.8 mm.

Responding to the need for diversified mounting methods, the new chip NTC thermistors product adopts AgPd termination, which enables conductive adhesion mounting. They are optimally suited for applications where soldering is difficult.

TDK announces new chip NTC thermistors for conductive adhesion mounting-SemiMedia

With its wide operating temperature range, from -55℃ to 150℃, the NTCSP series can be applied in various temperature measurement and compensation roles in low to high temperature ranges. They are highly reliable, certified by AEC-Q200, the global automotive standard for passive components.