Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its portfolio of cost-effective, high performance and secured IoT solutions with one of the industry’s only dedicated Wi-Fi 4 solutions to deliver the latest WPA3 security standard. As a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/BLE combo chip for IoT applications like smart thermostats or smart lighting, the new Infineon CYW43439 solution will make it easier for product designers to comply with new security regulations currently emerging worldwide, including the California Consumer Privacy Act. This, for example, gives more privacy rights to consumers, including the right to know about the personal information a business collects, and the right for that information to be deleted.

As a vast majority of IoT products function effectively with the basic connectivity implemented by Wi-Fi 4, the standard will remain the workhorse of IoT designs for years to come. Approximately half a billion new devices are expected to ship implementing Wi-Fi 4 through 2025, according to ABI Research. As a result, there will be an ongoing need for these devices to support the latest features, such as WPA3.It allows more robust authentication, increased cryptographic strength and more resilient mission-critical networks. Using the Infineon CYW43439, designers can provide the connectivity their consumers want, while implementing the security their products need with the WPA3 security standard.

“For many IoT-connected products like smart thermostats and other consumer devices, their connectivity is both low bandwidth and low-duty cycles,” said Jeff Baer, Senior Product Marketing Director, IoT RF at Infineon. “Infineon’s new Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/BLE combo chip allows our customers to utilize the latest, state-of-the-art Wi-Fi security standard with WPA3, while minimizing costs by addressing their connectivity needs with tried-and-true Wi-Fi 4.”

With Wi-Fi 4, the CYW43439 enables robust, power-efficient performance, with worldwide certifications and certified interoperability. The product family offers cross-platform features for RTOS, Linux, and Android, and development support for software that includes advanced smart-coexistence for multi-user Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications, enabling multiple connections simultaneously including BLE Mesh networking. The devices reduce system power consumption by providing Host SoC off-load processing for network management and audio applications reducing CPU loading. Its optimized software for library-based functions allows connections to mobile devices or any cloud service at any time.

Infineon’s CYW43439 with ModusToolbox software gives designers access to one of the most adaptable development systems for IoT, including carefully packaged solutions supporting popular ecosystems and cloud management tools.

The Infineon CYW43439 is available in volume quantities. Commercial modules are also available from industry-leading module partners.