Last week, Infineon announced at the 3rd China International Import Expo that it would increase investment in China and expand the IGBT module production line at its Wuxi factory in China.

After the expansion of Infineon's Wuxi plant, it will become one of Infineon's largest IGBT production bases in the world. Infineon said it will use a richer IGBT product line to meet the rapidly growing application needs of renewable energy and new energy vehicles.

As the core device for energy conversion and transmission, IGBT modules are widely used in automobiles, industrial power generation, home appliances and other fields. According to market research data, Infineon ranked first in the global market share ranking of IGBT module suppliers in 2017.

According to Infineon, the new manufacturing center will produce HybridPACK™ double-sided cooling modules for electric vehicles, EasyPACK™ 1A/2A modules and 1B/1B modules for wind power, photovoltaics and many industrial applications, and CIPOS™ Mini Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) for home appliances and industries. Among them, HybridPACK™ double-sided cooling module is Infineon's new IGBT product, which can be applied to the main inverter and charging and discharging of hybrid and electric vehicles. At present, this module has been successfully used in many plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles worldwide.