Melexis announces the introduction of the most powerful and cost-efficient version of its market-leading motorcycle fuel pump controller, helping manufacturers comply with tightening environmental regulation, including the BS-6 emission standards in India.

The MLX80302 is a three-phase BLDC motor controller IC with a peak driving capability of 2.6 A. It is ideally suited for automotive, and motorcycle pump applications up to 20 W on the 13 V battery voltage. Additionally, it is also a good fit for a wide range of home appliances and industrial pump applications up to 40 W on a 24 V regulated supply.

The controller boasts a wide junction temperature operating range of -40 °C to +150 °C. With its 0.25 Ohm drivers, the MLX80302 features a powerful monolithic pump controller in an SOIC8 footprint. Requiring only reverse polarity protection and a single decoupling capacitor, it is a perfect fit for integration into a pump connector.

The MLX80302 features extensive integrated protection including locked rotor, over temperature, overvoltage, short circuit and current limiting. The motor control operation has been validated for robust operation with remote motor location in very noisy environments, with tests including BCI, and ignition coil noise injection. Its very fast start-up (down to 50 ms) is robust under load- and no-load conditions.

The MLX80302 is programmable via an I2C interface and all options are configurable in the on-board EEPROM. Several PWM input options can be selected, and the motor start-up procedure can be configured to reach the maximum target speed for fuel pumps under pressure in less than 60 ms. The MLX80302 is available in a SOIC8 exposed pad package.

Plug and play application boards and evaluation boards for configuring the IC via I2C using a graphical interface are available now.

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