Last weekend, AKM released the latest report on its factory fire. The report stated that AKM is preparing for outsourcing production.

AKM stated in the report that its semiconductor manufacturing plant (production center of the second manufacturing center) in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture had a fire on October 20, and the fire was extinguished on October 24. The fire caused no personal injuries to employees, but the impact of property and business performance is unclear.

AKM predicts that it will be difficult to resume production and shipment early. Therefore, AKM is cooperating with external parties such as manufacturing contractors to prepare for outsourcing production.

AKM said that the fire broke out in the second manufacturing department of AKM's production center, which mainly produces analog/digital LSI. In addition, AKM emphasized that its other factories are not affected by the fire, including the manufacturing department of the first production center and the third manufacturing department of the production center.

According to the supply chain, AKM's products have begun to experience shortages in supply and soaring prices. Industry insiders said that the shortage will be difficult to solve in the short term, which will become the biggest chip supply difficulty encountered by the audio industry over the years.