According to NIKKEI Asia, citing people familiar with the matter, Samsung Display, the display unit of Samsung Electronics, has obtained approval from the United States to continue to supply Huawei.

Although the source did not disclose whether Samsung's high-end OLED display panels are approved, it is foreseeable that other raw material suppliers in Samsung's panel industry chain may also be approved.

The source said it is not clear yet if Huawei will be able to use Samsung Display's panels to produce its smartphones because suppliers that provide memory and application processor chips for the phones have not yet obtained the requisite licenses.

"Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have not gotten approval from the U.S. for the sale of chips to Huawei. So, it is uncertain whether Huawei can produce its smartphones with just the panel supplies," the source said.

After the new Huawei ban came into effect, not many companies were approved by the United States, and Samsung Display was the first Korean company to be approved by the United States.

For this report, Samsung Electronics declined to comment.