According to reports, AMD’s senior vice president and general manager of the data center and embedded division business, Forrest Norrod, revealed that the company has obtained a supply license to Huawei and is not expected to have a significant impact on AMD’s business due to the US Huawei ban.

Forrest Norrod emphasized that it will be 100% committed to complying with US laws and has taken appropriate measures to ensure that AMD manages the list of entities and interacts with customers or potential customers.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first Huawei supplier that obtained a license after the ban came into effect on September 15. AMD is one of Huawei's notebook processor suppliers, and its Ryzen series CPU has been adopted by many Huawei notebooks.

As of now, no company other than AMD has publicly stated whether it has been approved to continue to supply Huawei. However, industry experts believe that there is little hope of passing the application.